Travis Kelce Frustrated With Unsolicited Mail, Halts Home’s Postal Service

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has expressed his annoyance with fans who have been sending unwanted packages to his home. The NFL star revealed during the latest episode of his podcast, “New Heights,” that he has been forced to take drastic measures to combat the influx of unsolicited mail.

“The one thing you don’t realize, that when somebody posts your house online, that everybody now has your address and people just send stuff to your house,” Kelce said. “So I literally stopped getting mail to my house. I had to stop. I had to literally tell the post office and everybody to, like, stop bringing stuff to my house.”

Kelce’s frustration stems from the fact that his home address was shared publicly online, leading to an overwhelming amount of unwanted deliveries. The tight end emphasized that any packages sent to his house will be returned to the sender, stating, “Anything sent to my house, send right back to the sender. So anybody that’s just sending random s— to my house, uh, it’s not getting to me.”

Despite his three Super Bowl rings and nine Pro Bowl appearances, Kelce’s personal life has garnered significant attention due to his relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift. The couple’s high-profile romance has led some internet theorists to make far-fetched claims about the NFL being rigged in Kelce’s favor.