Biggs: FBI And DOJ Leadership ‘Hopelessly Corrupted Politically’

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) claims that the political bias of the Justice Department (DOJ) and FBI leaders is eroding trust in these institutions. In an interview this week, Biggs stated, “The leadership of the FBI and DOJ seems to be hopelessly corrupted politically. There’s just no reason to trust them.”

This comes after a whistleblower alleged that an FBI memo documents a pay-to-play bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and a foreign national. The memo, known as an FD-1023, dates back to mid-2020 and reportedly concerns transactions and policy tied to Ukraine during Biden’s vice presidency under Barack Obama.

Biggs called the allegations “unbelievable corruption” and emphasized the importance of obtaining the memo through a subpoena. He also highlighted the need to verify the credibility of the whistleblower.

With many Americans distrusting federal agencies due to alleged political bias, Biggs has advocated for a deep clean of agencies like the FBI. He suggested either dissolving the FBI and reconstituting a more trustworthy organization or removing corrupt parts of the existing agency.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have also voiced concerns recently, stating that the whistleblower claims the document “includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose.” Comer issued a subpoena following legally protected disclosures to Grassley’s office on Wednesday.

Grassley pointed out that the FBI’s history of mishandling politically charged investigations necessitates close congressional oversight. Comer emphasized that Americans deserve to know if President Biden engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national that could have compromised the United States.

Comer and Grassley have notified FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland about the whistleblower disclosures, stating that the DOJ and FBI possess enough information to determine the truth and accuracy of the allegations. However, it remains to be seen whether any steps have been taken to investigate the matter.

Comer’s committee has been looking into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, the involvement of the Biden family, and any potential role played by President Biden. Grassley has also been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings and any alleged involvement by the elder Biden since 2019.

The White House has consistently maintained that the president never spoke to his son about his business dealings and was never involved in them. White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, Ian Sams, accused Republicans of launching politically-motivated attacks without evidence and attempting to distract the public from more pressing issues.

As calls for transparency and accountability grow louder, Americans wait to learn whether the FBI and DOJ will provide the sought-after memo and what the repercussions could be for the Biden administration.