CNN’s Toobin: Fani Willis’ Case ‘Is Going Nowhere’

On Friday, the progressive Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Toobin said it was a good day for former President Donald Trump because Judge Scott McAfee admonished Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis, according to Breitbart.

Toobin, speaking on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” said, “Today was a very good day for Donald Trump. This case is going nowhere.”

Georgia Judge Scott McAfee ruled on Friday that Willis could proceed with her prosecution against Trump in the election interference case. But there was a catch: Willis had to remove investigator Nathan Wade — her lover — from the case.

Though McAfee didn’t disqualify Willis, his review of her conduct during the court proceedings was scathing.

The judge criticized Willis for her “unorthodox decision” to take part in interviews with authors writing books about Trump’s prosecution.

McAfee also rebuked public remarks in which Willis implied race was likely a factor in the case of her and Wade. A potential gag order because of her comments was implied if she continued to speak improperly about the case in public.

Toobin said it is “extremely unlikely” that Willis’ case against Trump and the other co-defendants will go to trial before the fall.

“Think about this, there’s another racketeering case in Georgia where jury selection, not the trial, jury selection, has taken a year,” he said. “This case is never going to trial before the election.”

“All of this, Fani Willis has hung on, but this case is going nowhere,” Toobin said.

Former DeKalb County, GA District Attorney Gwen Keyes wasn’t having it. “I disagree with Mr. Toobin,” Keyes said. “I do think that there is enough evidence to go forward. I think that particularly the timing in this case.”

Though it didn’t take long after McAfee’s decision was published for Wade to submit his resignation. Toobin maintained the case is “an embarrassment.”

Trump, along with the majority of his co-defendants in the case, have pleaded not guilty to the Willis charges. A trial date has not been decided, and the defendants have a number of pending motions to get the cases tossed.