Democratic Lawmaker Claims ‘Ignorance’ Caused New York’s Immigration Backlash

New York Democrats are beginning to publicly sound the alarm regarding the toll that unchecked illegal immigration is having across the state — particularly in New York City.

Behind the scenes, however, at least one leftist official attacked Republicans who have expressed concerns about the same issue.

According to reports, Democratic state Sen. John Mannion denounced those living in “very Republican areas” within his district who oppose the influx of undocumented immigrants into their communities.

Although Mannion himself previously attacked Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for transporting migrants from that city into his upstate district, leaked remarks from a teleconference earlier this month revealed his true thoughts about constituents who are similarly upset by the situation.

“They are fearful that buses of migrants are going to come into where they live and change their community,” Mannion told a group of fellow Democrats. “It is just unbelievable to me, but I’m not surprised at the ignorance.”

Of course, he seemed to express the same supposed ignorance earlier this year in response to Adams’ decision to pack migrants in his city onto a bus destined for Salina.

“New York City’s unilateral decision to send migrants four hours away from their destination of choice is a policy failure playing out in real-time,” the state senator said in May. “This situation is not fair to the migrants or the communities I represent.”

U.S. Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) reacted to Mannion’s recent rhetoric by reminding voters that the Democrat “says you’re ignorant for sharing common-sense concerns about the migrant crisis.”

Mannion has announced he will be running for the congressional seat currently occupied by Williams next year.

Calling out the state senator directly, Williams added: “Insulting voters who care about public safety isn’t the best way to launch a campaign, John.”

Adams also talked out of both sides of his mouth in response to the migrant crisis. After stating that the issue will “destroy New York City” earlier this month, he denounced the actions of protesters on Staten Island who attempted to prevent a busload of migrants from being housed in a former assisted living facility in the area.

“We have 8.3 million New Yorkers, and we cannot allow the numerical minority that show an ugly display of how we deal with the crisis be used as an example of what New Yorkers are doing,” the mayor asserted last week.