Democrats’ Deceptive Illegal Immigration Rhetoric Changed Drastically

While the Biden administration and leftists believe that it is okay for illegal immigrants to just cross over the border to pursue the American dream, this was not always the case.

Tesla owner Elon Musk retweeted a video clip on X with a former president spewing what the left would call hate speech. The clip shows a former president telling illegal immigrants that coming into the country was not “going to be easy” or “a free ride” and demanding that they learn English if they wanted to get into the U.S.

This supposedly hateful rhetoric did not come from former President Donald Trump but from Democratic former President Barack Obama. That’s right, Obama spoke these words back in 2009.

The American people “can’t have a situation where you just have half a million people pouring over the border without any kind of mechanism to control it,” Obama told the audience.

According to CATO, Obama is the “harshest enforcer of immigration laws in American history, deporting more illegal immigrants than any other administration.”

Unfortunately, Obama’s former vice president didn’t get the memo about this. Today, the U.S. is seeing record levels of illegal immigrants coming in, putting a strain on Border Patrol agents and states surrounding the border.

Obama’s stance on immigration is one even Republicans would get behind. They would probably be thrilled to swap Biden out for Obama on this issue. Sen. James Lankford

(R-OK) would. On Sunday, Lankford stated that Biden needs to implement border policies that work, praising Obama’s policy.

“If President Biden doesn’t want to enforce it the way President Trump did, at least enforce it like President Obama did,” said Lankford. “If President Biden would just enforce it the same way that President Obama or President Trump did, this would be a very different border and a very different situation.”

The sad thing is that Trump has been sharing the same message for years, but he’s called mean, racist and hateful. Since the left feels this way about Trump’s stance on immigration, one can only imagine how they would feel listening to Obama’s 2009 stance.