Gov. Abbot Alleges Biden Administration Involved In Wire Cutting At The Border

To stop the illegal border crossing from Mexico into Texas, Gov. Greg Abbot (R-TX) installed razor wire along the Eagle Pass border crossing. Abbot recently accused the Biden administration of cutting that razor wire to allow the flow of migrants to continue.

The flow of illegal migrants into the United States’ southern borders in Texas continues rapidly. To stop the flow of migrants into the area, Texas placed razor wire fencing along critical border points of the border crossings. The majority of the critical points were in the city of Eagle Pass.

Shortly after the installation of the razor wire, the fencing was cut and moved to allow the migrants to regain access to the Eagle Pass area. At this point, Abbot feels the Biden Administration is behind the razor wire damage to continue the migrant flood into the country.

Abbot posted his thoughts on his account with X, formerly known as Twitter. In his post, Abbot discussed how he felt that the Biden administration cut the wire and that he would be replacing that wire later in the day.

The issue with the razor fencing is just one of the issues between Abbot and President Joe Biden concerning the ongoing migrant crisis now spreading throughout the country. Biden has been pushing for open borders and the acceptance of migrants into the country.

Abbot has worked to control the flood of migrants through the Texas borders. He has requested federal assistance and other forms of aid for the issue. Instead, Biden has kept the borders open and allowed migrants to enter the country.

The migrant issue has become so bad that the town of Eagle Pass has declared a state of emergency. This declaration has closed the area, which migrants heavily travel. The closure occurred for two main reasons.

One of the main reasons Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. declared a state of emergency for the city was to become eligible to ask for federal funds to help with the crisis. The second reason is to help stem the flood of migrants entering the state.

Border agents are working around the clock to control the migrant surge and hope this state of emergency will help gain federal attention to the issues facing the area.