Jesse Watters: DOJ Has ‘Blackmail Tapes’ Proving Biden’s Decline

Fox News host Jesse Watters declared the Department of Justice has five hours of video that could be used as “blackmail tapes.” He said Special Counsel Robert Hur’s explosive questioning of the declining president “would end Biden’s re-election campaign.”

Watters believes the evidence of his severe cognitive decline may be leveraged against the president even as he seeks a second term.

The host noted that not only is Biden compromised by Communist China, but he has factions in his own administration who may use tapes against him. Hur infamously exited the interview believing the Democrat suffered enough serious mental problems as to make indictment impossible.

Watters noted the seriousness of the special counsel’s conclusion that Biden is unfit to stand trial.

The president, according to the report, could not remember when his son Beau died or when he served as vice president. Watters observed, “These limitations were so significant Biden wasn’t charged because the jury would take pity on him.”

What this means, Watters concluded, is the tapes are such damaging evidence that they amount to blackmail. “If they’re released, Biden’s re-election campaign is finished.”

The Fox News host further noted that the media, which once stood in solidarity with the Democratic president, is now divided into factions.

Watters said some of the mainstream media still insist that Biden is in full control of his faculties. “Others, as we showed you last night, The New York Times, Carville, Axelrod, Bill Maher, acknowledge Biden is deteriorating and replaceable.

Far-left publication The Atlantic stressed the need for a new Democratic nominee. It called former President Donald Trump a “sociopathic menace” who must be beaten this year.

The outlet declared that Biden was up to the task four years ago, but “the situation has changed.” The incumbent, according to the publication, “cannot possibly be the best person for the job today.”

The Hur report only said what every honest broker in Washington knows. Biden is not up to running the country now, and he certainly won’t be for the next four years.

It would not be the least bit surprising for Democrats to go to the bullpen and replace the incumbent to try to head off a Trump victory in November.