Joe Biden Might Testify in Hunter’s Case, Warns Former Attorney

In a twist to the ongoing investigation involving Hunter Biden, his past lawyer, Chris Clark, surprised many with a bold statement. According to POLITICO, Clark warned the U.S. attorney on the case that if they move ahead with firearm-related charges against Hunter, they’d be ready to ask President Joe Biden to speak in court. This move could lead to a big clash: the president versus his own Justice Department (DOJ).

The background is that there’s talk about the DOJ having enough proof to say Hunter got a gun wrongly because he might have a drug problem. Clark made his point clear in a long 32-page letter, “With this situation, we shouldn’t have a show of the president speaking in a court case. It could also lead to big problems with our country’s rules.”

Now, people are wondering how much President Biden might be part of this legal story involving his son. Important to note is how this could impact the DOJ’s choices. At first, David Weiss, who’s handling the case, looked like he wouldn’t charge Hunter. This changed when two people from the IRS said they felt they couldn’t do their job fully because of pressure from some top DOJ leaders.

During all this, Weiss suggested a deal: Hunter would admit to two small tax mistakes and not be charged for the gun issue. But, Judge Maryellen Noreika said no to this deal because it didn’t seem right.

Following this, Weiss thought about asking the U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to be given more power in the investigation. This could help him answer critics and tell the public the full story.

Chris Clark has now decided not to be Hunter’s lawyer. He thinks he might have to speak in the case himself. In Delaware, where this is happening, lawyers shouldn’t be part of trials if they have to be witnesses. The only exception is if it causes big problems for the person they represent.

The big question now is, will President Biden be part of his son’s legal issues? This topic will surely keep everyone watching closely.