Mississippi Democrat Accuses County Leadership Of ‘High-Tech Election Heist’

To hear Democrats tell it, elections are impossibly secure and could never be manipulated to produce a desired outcome. Now, however, one party member leveled accusations of exactly that, and he charged the offenders are members of his own party.

David Archie is the District 2 supervisor in Hinds County, Mississippi. He is hotly contesting his recent race against challenger Anthony Smith, declaring that voter fraud was committed by Democrats in the Aug. 8 primary election.

Archie called it a “high-tech election heist with corruption as well as fraud.”

According to local media reports, Smith won the primary with 63% of the vote. Archie immediately requested a ballot box review but said the Hinds County Democratic Party only gave him paper ballots.

They withheld other confirmation data including a voter signature book, digital images of ballots, and thumb drives from the voting machines.

Archie’s accusations center on Jacqueline Amos, who serves as the chairperson of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee. He pointed toward a text message between Amos and an unidentified individual.

The second person urged the chairperson to ensure a different candidate fairly won another race. Archie claims Amos agreed but then said, “I’m going to [expletive] David Archie on the site!!!”

The candidate cited as evidence a videotape of Amos opening boxes, collecting thumb drives, and producing ballots to go into the voting machines. He said the images are “what we think is fraud as well as corruption.”

Cynthia Johnson-Walker reported leading the ballot review for Archie. She said the records turned over for the review were limited to paper ballots only. This, she explained, “does not tell us anything.”

Archie is far from satisfied, calling for Amos to resign from the Democratic Party. If she does not, he said he will pursue criminal charges.

In the broader political world, does this constitute “election denial?” It is a candidate’s right to dispute any election in which there are questionable practices, even if only perceived.

However, when a Republican exercises that right, it is a prosecutable offense. And if that person happens to be the GOP frontrunner for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination, they could face spending the rest of their life behind bars.