New Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden On Key Voter Issues

The latest polls aren’t looking good for President Joe Biden. A new poll released on Sunday shows that when it comes to key issues voters face in the 2024 presidential election, the American people trust former President Donald Trump to deliver results.

According to the latest ABC/Ipsos poll, 36% of voters polled said that they have more trust in Trump over Biden, who received 33%. Another 30% said that they trust neither candidate.

Concerning the economy, 49% of voters polled gave Trump a favorable rating, while Biden only received 37%. When it came to inflation, 45% approved of Trump while 31% approved of Biden.

One of the only areas that Biden has a lead on is abortion rights, with a 47% approval rating compared to Trump’s 35%. The president has repeatedly taken advantage of his lead on this issue in the past, even making it a point to call out the Supreme Court at the State of the Union address over the overturning of Roe v. Wade to win voters.

Biden also scored better than his opponent on climate change with 42% approval to Trump’s 33%.

However, abortion and climate change are not top priorities for Americans as much as immigration and the economy.

Biden has also lost support on how he has handled the war between Israel and Hamas. Last October, Biden’s approval for his handling of the war was 41%. As of Sunday, it is now only 30%.

Liberals have continued to abandon the president after his countless refusals to call for a ceasefire, earning him the nickname “Genocide Joe,” referencing the amount of Palestinians being killed in Gaza.

While the president has often dismissed poll numbers, especially when they are not in his favor, a similar poll that surveyed Independents showed similar results. A new YouGov poll showed that Independents favored Trump over Biden when it came to several key issues.

As election day draws near, more Americans are seeing that Biden is not fit to run the country. While pollsters had a slightly more positive impression of Biden over Trump, they know that the former president can get the job done. According to the polls, voters are not confident in Biden’s ability to fix the economy, control inflation, fix the crisis at the border and deal with the war in Israel.