Pakistanis Burn Home In Germany For Insurance, Blame ‘Nazis’

German police have arrested 5 Pakistani family members after investigating an incident in which they said their home was set on fire by Nazis last Christmas, now accusing them of having actually set the fire themselves in order to gain insurance money.

At the time of the fire, the story was picked up by news media to lambast the so-called “far-right” in Germany and highlight the plight of victimized Islamic immigrants in the European country. Anti-immigrant slogans were spray-painted on the house as well, adding fuel to the story.

The story created a very public political reaction as leaders on the left responded with candlelight vigils to denounce racism and show “solidarity” against the “Nazis” that they claimed were coming out of the woodwork.

But now, that narrative is falling apart.

Although the initial investigation of the fire targeted suspected right-wing extremists, their attention turned to the family itself after police noticed that the homeowner had fresh burn marks on his arm, although he claimed to have not been home at the time of the arson.

Finally, after a more thorough investigation, police now believe that the family staged the entire incident to gain insurance money.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has commented on the shocking development, expressing no surprise that the story was used by other political parties to condemn them. In response, the party has said that voters have been deceived and is calling for higher standards to accept immigrants into the country.

Germany, and much of Western Europe, is facing a nearly identical immigrant crisis to that of the United States, the only difference being the majority of U.S. illegal immigrants coming from Central and South America, while in Europe they are coming largely from the Islamic world.

As a result, Germany and other nations are dealing with a cultural crisis that threatens their identities and political make-ups. In the United Kingdom, Muhammad was listed by one statistical study as the most popular boy’s name in the country for 2023.

The exact reason for the exceedingly liberal immigration policies in Europe have been debated back and forth between the left and right, often with one side accusing the other of racism and the other claiming they are attempting to use them to seize power and implement a globalist, anti-nationalist agenda.

Even the late Henry Kissinger has said that it was a “grave mistake” for Germany to let in so many immigrants, as the different culture and religion create barriers to assimilation.

Whatever the reasons, it is plain that with millions of immigrants entering these nations and attempting to integrate into their societies, conditions can motivate unexpected and shocking events.