Poll: Trump’s Favorability Tops Biden On Most Key Issues

In addition to maintaining a significant lead over President Joe Biden across the battleground states that will ultimately decide the general election, polling results also find that former President Donald Trump is seen as better equipped to handle the biggest issues America is likely to face over the next four years.

The economy is always near the top of the list among voter priorities — and it is a particularly relevant topic amid the rampant inflation and runaway government spending brought on by the Biden administration. According to a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, almost half of those surveyed gave Trump favorable marks on the economy compared to just 37% who said the same about Biden.

Immigration has also become a pivotal campaign issue, even topping the economy in some recent surveys.

In light of an ongoing invasion that has ushered in millions of undocumented immigrants under Biden’s watch, Trump handily outperformed him in the recent poll by a margin of 45% to 29%.

The former president’s favorability numbers are higher than those of the incumbent on a range of other key issues — including a 14-point advantage on inflation and a six-point lead on crime.

Biden only led Trump on two topics addressed by pollsters: climate change and abortion.

Overall, 36% of respondents said they trusted Trump compared to just one-third who said Biden had their trust. Of course, 30% indicated that they did not trust either candidate.

While Biden had an opportunity to make his case during Thursday’s State of the Union address, and pollsters found that more viewers felt he exceeded their expectations than those who said he was worse than expected, Trump has capitalized on multiple opportunities to share his vision with the American people.

In a Truth Social post shortly after Biden finished delivering his speech, Trump outlined the impact one of his successor’s perceived failures has had on the nation.

“This was an angry, polarizing, and hate-filled Speech,” the presumptive Republican nominee wrote. “He barely mentioned Immigration, or the Worst Border in the History of the World. He will never fix Immigration, nor does he want to. He wants our Country to be flooded with Migrants. Crime will raise to levels never seen before, and it is happening very quickly!”