Popular ‘Kid-Friendly’ YouTube Channel Now Promotes Trans Ideology

The militant trans movement opened a new front in its war to gain unfettered access to children to promote its controversial ideology. A wildly popular “kid-friendly” YouTube channel now features a transgender star.

Jimmy Donaldson is better known as MrBeast and has the largest following of any influencer on YouTube. He is said to reach 10% of the planet — largely through the underage population — with his mix of stunts and pranks.

But now his online spectacle has taken a decidedly darker turn.

What is sometimes described as “immature and crude humor” has twisted into permanent cast member Chris Tyson switching to appear in women’s clothing and donning makeup. He now says he goes by “any pronouns.”

For the record, there are 145 million subscribers to this previously “family-friendly” channel.

Tyson’s announcement that he is now undergoing hormone replacement therapy was met with shock and criticism by many who trusted the YouTube channel. Some made their own statements on social media only to see them taken down.

A spokesperson for Chinese Communist Party-affiliated TikTok said the platform removed several videos described as “transphobic.” The clips apparently violated the platform’s community policy against “hateful behavior.”

Tyson is described as one of site creator Donaldson’s childhood friends and a co-creator of MrBeast. He recently formally announced that he began the drug regimen two months ago.

His transition leaves behind a wife whom he’d been separated from since last year and a young son born in 2020. He has since taken to Twitter to endorse transgenderism and blast Republican lawmakers for standing up against the mutilation of minors.

MrBeast creator Donaldson once made transgenderism the butt of a joke, claiming he was “born a tank.” He then added that he could not be true to himself since being a tank is not recognized as “one of our 52 genders.”

One parent, 31-year-old Kevin Paffrath, is also a YouTuber who runs a financial channel. The father of two wondered what he’s going to tell his seven-year-old son about a character who is changing “into a girl.”

For many parents, the obvious answer will be to block the channel from their kids and have them view more wholesome entertainment.