Protesters Rally Against Chinese-Owned EV Battery Plant In Michigan

A group of hundreds of protestors gathered to demonstrate against a Chinese Community Party-owned electric vehicle battery factory being created in northern Michigan.

Former Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who ran against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), blasted Michigan’s plan to wire taxpayer money to the Chinese Communist Party last month, saying that Americans should be “terrified” of such a plan.

Chief among the concerns of such a construction are those rooted in national security, reports Just The News.

“Xi Jinping has put himself in charge of the military civil fusion that basically says that anything business-related in China has military implications, and they reserve the right to extract that information. So, it really puts all these partnerships into question,” commented Rep. John Moolenaar, (R-MI).

Michigan Republican chair Kristina Karamo appeared to agree, asking, “How many abuses have we seen over the years from China? And to think that they will set up a battery factory in our state and they will just play by the rules?”

She added that the plan makes “no sense whatsoever.”

Fox News reported earlier this month that a Senate committee in Michigan approved the use of $175 million of taxpayer money to assist Chinese manufacturer Gotion in the construction.

At the time, Moolenaar argued the decision was a “historic mistake.”

Corporate documents taken from Gotion pledge that “the company shall set up a party organization and carry out party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China,” according to Just The News.

Proponents of the initiative argue it will bolster the economy, reportedly bringing 2,350 jobs with average wages of $29.42 per hour, according to the company’s plan.

Savings for Gotion on its $2.4 billion project appeared to be huge; a report by NewsNation states that a 30-year Renaissance Zone greenlighted by the legislature last year will allow the company to keep an extra estimated $540 million.

Worries over Chinese influence over American properties are not exclusive to Michigan alone — NewsNation discussed the Communist Party’s efforts to buy up American farmland in other states, including North Dakota. The outlet reports that as of 2022k, approximately 383,935 acres of U.S. agricultural land have been bought up by China.