Trump Claims Democrats Have ‘Destroyed’ US-Mexico Border

On Thursday, Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Biden is “incompetent” and blamed his administration for the migrant crisis, according to the New York Post.

Trump traveled to the southern border that day to speak with federal and Texas law enforcement agents at Eagle Pass, TX, according to One America News. While there, officials told him they could not believe what had happened at the border.

Standing near the Rio Grande, Trump told reporters there is a “new form of vicious violation to our country” called “Biden migrant crime.” Trump called the fiasco at the southern border “a Joe Biden invasion,” according to The Daily Signal.

“I call him ‘Crooked Joe’ because he’s crooked,” Trump said. “He’s a terrible president. The worst president our country has ever had, and probably the most incompetent president we’ve ever had.”

In the interview with Hannity, Trump said Democrats have “destroyed this border and they’re in the process of destroying our country. We’re allowing people in our country that we shouldn’t have. And we are allowing an extraordinarily tough group of people into our country.”

Trump accused Biden of deciding to take his own trip to the border after he heard Trump was going.

“All of a sudden, they announced that they’re coming,” Trump said. “But they went to the wrong area. They went to an area that the governor and myself have done a good job on. And there’s essentially nobody coming through.”

Brownsville has much fewer illegal border crossings than Eagle Pass, the focal point of the battle between Gov. Abbott (R – TX) and the Biden administration. Eagle Pass is one of the most popular destinations for migrants looking to get into the US.

At the press conference, Trump said Biden is “allowing thousands and thousands—and actually, millions and millions—of people to come. He then added, “[It] could be 15 million, could be 18 million by the time he gets out of office.”

“If you take the 10 worst presidents in the history of our country,” Trump asserted, “you added them all up, all of the problems, all of the lousy jobs they’ve done, you can add them all up, it’s not as bad as this one man has done for our country.”

“He’s destroying our country,” Trump said.

While discussing the Feb. 22 murder of nursing student Laken Riley in Athens, GA, allegedly by an illegal alien, Trump said, “Joe Biden will never say Laken Riley’s name, but we will say it, and we will remember. We’re not going to forget her.”

According to the Signal, since 2021 when Biden took office, Customs and Border Protection has encountered over 8.8 million illegal aliens. That’s not counting the 1.7 million “known gotaways.”

The agency has also seized over 56,000 pounds of fentanyl and has dealt with some 1,500 individuals on America’s terrorist watch list.

The border is wide open and it is destroying America. Everyone knows it. Some of them want to keep it that way.

Trump has vowed to secure the border and save America.