Venezuela Releasing Prisoners Into The United States

U.S. officials now acknowledge that Venezuela has released prisoners that have immediately flocked to the U.S. southern border, noting that some of the nation’s “most violent criminals” are now in the United States,” according to a report in the Post Millennial.

The State Department denied the claim when former President Donald Trump first sounded the alarm in 2021, but the evidence is now indisputable.

This week, Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice Magistrate Edgar Gavidia revealed that government officials had released 100 prisoners. The statement added that officials will release more prisoners in the coming days.

Last December, Venezuelan officials boasted that violent crime in the country had “fallen to a 22-year low.” Bloomberg attributed the downward trend to incorrigibles migrating en masse to America.

Trump has expressed anger over the current administration’s open border policies. CNN reported that during last month’s visit to the border, Trump said: “These are the people that are coming into our country, and they’re coming from jails and they’re coming from prisons and they’re coming from a mental institution and they’re coming from insane asylums and they’re terrorists.”

The recent CNN report disparaged Trump’s remarks, saying it was inappropriate to attempt to “tie crime in the US to the recent increase in immigration.” The report added, “Many researchers actually argue immigrants are less likely to commit crimes.”

However, multiple news agencies are reporting on the connection between the uptick in violent crime and the influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham reported that “Haiti and Venezuela are using America as a dumping ground” and consequently, “we’re seeing chaos break out across the globe.” Ingraham placed the blame squarely on President Joe Biden’s shoulders, stating that his executive orders and open border policies have created the problem.

During the recent State of the Union Address, Biden acknowledged the border problem but placed the blame on Trump and Republicans in the House.

KTSM News 9 recently reported on the inflow of Venezuelan gang members into America. The report noted that members of the gang, known as Tren de Aragua, had been released from the Tocorón prison in Venezuela and are now operating in the United States.

Jose Ibarra, the illegal immigrant suspect held in connection with the recent murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley, is reportedly a member of the Tren de Aragua gang.

Venezuelan gang members are now active in New York City. The New York Post reported the Tren de Aragua gang is responsible for an increase in violent crime, including attacks on police officers.

The crime wave prompted Gov. Kathy Hochul to recently call up 750 members of the National Guard and several hundred State Troopers to help ensure subway areas are safe.