War: Hochul Blasts Adams For Bungling Migrant Crisis

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul blasted a party colleague on Tuesday for mishandling New York City’s exploding illegal migrant crisis. Her lawyer sent a scathing 12-page letter to Mayor Eric Adams dressing him down over demands that the flow of migrants to his city be eased.

Adams repeatedly attempted to shift the burden to other cities in the state. However, Hochul’s attorney argued that the vast metropolis is far better suited to deal with the influx.

The governor defended the state’s position in a phone interview with Spectrum News NY1.

The Democrat declared, “Let’s be very clear — you cannot involuntarily take people from the city and send them all over the state of New York. Putting someone in a hotel on a dark, lonely road in upstate New York and telling them they’re supposed to survive is not compassion.”

City residents are up in arms over thousands of illegal migrants being housed in their neighborhoods. And the protest extends past NYC’s city limits.

Erie County in recent days informed Adams that Buffalo and the surrounding area will not accept further shipments of migrants. Two violent attacks have allegedly occurred in the area — one against a worker attempting to assist the asylum seekers.

Meanwhile, Hochul noted NYC’s repeated pleas for more state and federal assistance. She accused the city’s leadership of not making timely requests for regulatory changes, not sharing information with the state, sluggishly implementing critical programs, and not consulting with state leadership.

She encouraged the city to engage in a “proactive” manner with Albany.

Even though Adams complains that the city does not have enough beds to house the illegal migrants, Hochul said the state was ignored when it offered possible shelter sites as early as last October. The state has also committed $1.5 billion for food for migrants.

She accused city leaders of not prioritizing the migrant crisis as it emerged. This lack of foresight, Hochul said, prevented thousands of migrants from being able to work now.

New York state officials also alleged the city brushed aside a suggestion over a year ago to establish a “tent city” for adult migrant men. This, the state argued, would have prevented NYC’s shelter system from being overrun.

Hochul added that she is not in conflict with the mayor. She said the two have made substantial progress on the crime issue and that she is only trying to help.