Kamala Strikes Out: Democrat Donors Doubt Harris

Public criticism against Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to be allowed in the mainstream press. However, behind closed doors, some powerful Democrats see their second in command as a potential political liability.

The news comes to us from the Washington Post and other sources. With the paper’s bias, we know we’ll be getting the inside view from the left.

The simple problem is that the vice president has none of the qualities for leadership. She is not inspirational. Her experience is lacking. Harris commands little loyalty in the party and none among independents.

What’s the draw?

This realization is both old and new. Harris’ poor performance in the 2020 primaries should have been a key indicator. Her more recent poor polling data should have been another.

The vice president appears to be a gift out of the show Veep for Republicans. Her stilted way of speaking, cackling laugh, and poor conversational style would make her a vulnerable political target at the top of a ticket.

That’s exactly what Democratic Party donors are afraid of. If Vice President Harris could not win a general election, who are they left with if President Biden decides not to run in 2024?

Harris’ unpopularity should come as no surprise. She pulled in less than one percent and didn’t win any states in the 2020 Democratic Party primary. Harris’s strength is as of yet imperceptible.

Democrats are likely racing for the alarm after this most recent news. If Vice President Harris is not a viable candidate for the next presidential race, then Democrats much cultivate their bench now.

President Biden boxed in the Democrats by choosing such a poor choice for vice president. An 80-year-old president and incompetent, unpopular vice president is a terrible combination.

All of this should have bigwigs in the blue party worried that their prospects for the White House are growing dim for 2024. The GOP has strong candidates in the wings— the Democrats, not so much.