Massachusetts Gov. Healey Calls Guardsmen To Monitor Migrant Shelters

In the early days of the Biden administration, many Democratic leaders denounced Republican calls for stricter immigration law enforcement as well as efforts by border-state officials to handle the influx of undocumented immigrants into their communities.

Now that the effects of an essentially open southern border are being felt in blue states, however, leftist leaders are issuing their own demands for assistance.

The trend has been on full display in New York, where Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams remain at odds regarding how to deal with tens of thousands of migrants who have taken up residence in the Big Apple over the past year.

Now, another Democratic governor is weighing in with her own plan, which on the surface sounds like an initiative launched by GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

While Abbott stationed members of the National Guard from his state and more than a dozen others along the U.S.-Mexico border, however, Massachusetts Gov. Marua Healey wants to use men and women in uniform to meet the “basic needs” of thousands of migrants overwhelming the state’s available shelters.

According to reports about the new policy, about 250 National Guard members will be dispatched to shelters nationwide on an interim basis until a more permanent staffing solution is achieved.

“Massachusetts is in a state of emergency, and we need all hands on deck to meet this moment and ensure families have access to safe shelter and basic services,” the governor said on Thursday. “We’re grateful to the brave men and women of the National Guard for stepping up to help us ensure that every family in emergency shelter has their needs met, including access to food, transportation, medical care, and education.”

Her announcement came days after an emergency declaration regarding the more than 20,000 individuals currently residing in overcrowded shelters.

“Those numbers are being driven by a surge in new arrivals who have been through some of the hardest journeys imaginable,” Healey said. “They are the face of the national — international — migrant crisis. They’re here because where they came from is too dangerous to stay. They’re here because Massachusetts has and will always be a beacon of hope, compassion, humanity, and opportunity.”